Trail dei castelli / walk

This trail gives you the chance to visit five castles, and they
all represent very important events that define our history.
The trail starts from the church of Attimis and follow the
direction indicated by CAI 765 that leads you on the way to
the village of Porzus. On the road are situated the direction
to reach two visitable castles: Castello Inferiore and Castello Superiore, that we highly recommend. Continue on the
direction of Porzus, it’s very well indicated, and when you
reach the village, don’t miss the chance to visit the church
dedicated to the Madonna de Sesule. From this point take
the paved road going downhill and by the first hairpin bend
take the path that leads you to the beautiful castles of
Cucagna and Zucco. From this point it’s possible to reach
the town of Faedis for some refreshments. To resume the
route go back to Cucagna castle and follow the directions to
Racchiuso, Canalutto and than to Castello di Partistagno.
Castello di Partistagno it’s been recently restructured and
it now appears in all it’s majesty. In order to return to the
starting point follow the direction to Castelli di Attimis.

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