Valchiarò Marathon Bike / mtb xc

The Valchiarò Marathon Track is dedicated to the mtb xc, it’s a complete and challenging track with beautiful landscapes views and technical paths.
Starting from the central square of Torreano, go north and at the crossroad take the direction to Masarolis. After about a hundred meters from the crossroad take the white road going left and after turn right and it will lead you on the way to Reant and Masarolis. Before you reach the
houses of Reant village turn on the right following the directions to Masarolis. Continue on the way to Tamoris and when you reach the village turn right uphill on the paved road. When you reach the hairpin bend turn right ant take the road that leads you to the top of the mount Craguenza. From this point descend until you reach the white road, after a little while take the path on the left that the leads you to to church Santo Spirito. When reached the the paved road, in the direction of Puller, before the village take the white road on the left. It will lead you to the Machete road by Vernasso. From the centre of Vernasso village, going north, take the white road; at first uphill and than it starts to descend along the Tarci Trail on the right side. When arrived to Torreano return to the main square of the village, go north and just after the guest-house turn right and cross the ford. Continue uphill until you find the directions for the Falco trail, it will lead you to the valley. It is not recommended the use of the track in mud conditions for security reasons and in order to prevent any damages to the trail.

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