Story of the association

Natisone Outdoor was born at the end of 2016 from the need to give continuity to the efforts made during the Tour of Italy 2016, when the represented territory was literally catapulted in the worldwide media interest.

The stage of the Tour of Italy 2016 and several sporting events which are realized in this region, such as Grandfondo for Haiti as far as cycling and Matadown, the mountain bike race descending along the slopes of Mount Matajur, attracted a great number of cyclists that fell in love with the zone and started coming here assiduously, considering the regional aptitude for an active tourism, the inexistent traffic, the wonderful trails and the authentic atmosphere.

The Association, headed by Eva Piccaro and Roberta Bortolò, aims at promoting this fantastic territory by attempting to point it out in the European touristic panorama.

The awareness of a territory which is actually rich of touristic sources and at the same time it is still savage and authentic gives Natisone Outdoor Association the stimulus for doing some good for a worthy area.

In the space of two years of activity many results have been reached, such as the creation of two thematic maps capable of unifying an heterogeneous territory and many videos that firstly summarise the beauty of the places.

The innovative trail dedicated to E-Bike, 210 km long and with 21 recharging points, is called Bluenergy E-Bike Route and it has been realized together with the homonymous company. It represents an important innovation on the territory as compared with the new cycling tendencies.

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