The territory of Natisone Valleys, Torre Valleys and Cividale del Friuli

The area of Cividale and the contiguous Valleys are an heterogeneous and original territory

The area, which is not interested in a mass tourism yet, kept its authenticity thanks to its ancient culture and traditions. The territory seems to have been created to be travelled by bike and on foot, giving the possibility of completely changing the horizon in few kilometres.

The interested area embraces fifteen different municipalities that decided to network and to invest in slow tourism in order to create a flourishing future for people. Waterfalls, castles, churches, rivers, torrents, lakes, hills, mountains and a lot of green will leave you breathless because of their beauty and authenticity.

The area surrounding the wonderful Cividale del Friuli, known since the Roman era as Forum Iulii and which later became the capital of the Longobardic duchy, is situated on the Easternmost of Italy, on the Slovenian border, and it has always been the common ground of different people who brought a crucial cultural enrichment.

The territory extends around Natisone River and between the rivers Torre and Judrio, being a full of water and luxuriant region.

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